Expanded and Experimental group at Metro Arts
Ivan Borgnino's Unidentified Film Object
Virtual Reality research presentation
Ari Lee Laskin
Julia Stefan
Supascreen exhibition
Fiona Fell
Steph Hutchinson
Tanja Visosevic
Disruptor's Positive Feedback Loop Conferences promote collaboration between creative practitioners in meaningful network opportunities that are about providing peer to peer feedback sessions and genuine criticism. Disruptor's founder, Catherine Gomersall is an advocate for a mode of interpretive and supportive art criticism that celebrates the work of creative thinkers and artists. Positive Feedback Loop provides an alternative to the traditional academic conference model.
The next Positive Feedback Look Conference will be held in Ballarat with a focus on artists whose practice promotes environmental sustainability. 
Previous Positive Feedback Loop Participants: 
Catherine Schoch | Lushan Tan | Tom Penney | Llewellyn Millhouse | Bonnie Hart | Tanya Visosevic | Alex Bradley | Hassan Sonboli | Tyson Foster | Julia Stefan | Ari Lee Laskan | Gerald Keaney | Paul Van Opdenbosch | Steven Brodie | Deb Polson | Renata Buziak | Lynden Stone | Stephanie Outridge Field | Fiona Fell | Prithvi Varatharajan | Kirsty Kross | Chantelle Bayes | Hugo Belviso | Steph Hutchinson | Kaye Lawrence | William Platz | Andrzej Pytel 
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